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Orthotics is any form of bracing or stabilizing body parts or mechanics to perform a desired outcome. Most common forms of orthotics are foot orthotics, Ankle braces, AFO's, knee orthoses, KAFO's, back braces, and wrist braces.

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Prosthetics are artificial limbs that can either assist or replace loss of a limb or congenital abnormality. Services provided are toe fillers, partial feet, symes prosthesis, below knee prosthesis, above knee prosthesis, upper extremity prosthetics.

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Pediatric orthotics and prosthetics require significant attention to detail in evaluation, castings and follow up care. Since pediatrics are usually always growing and changing they require more of a team approach working between therapists, doctors, and parents.

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Foot Orthotics

We custom fabricate all foot orthotics for many different conditions. A cast is taken of your feet to create a positive model. We then custom modify the model in order to suit your individual needs. Common problems relieved by foot orthotics are: plantar fasciitis, foot pronation, mild ankle valgus, foot pain and leg length discrepancies.

Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Ankle Foot Orthosis is an orthotic device for the lower limb that encloses the ankle and foot and does not extend above the knee. There are many different types of AFO's, which vary on the type of control as needed. AFO's can be made of many different materials and maximum control usually consists of plastic to stabilize the ankle. There are many different conditions that an AFO would be prescribed for. Drop foot, ankle instability, contractures and mild knee instability to name just a few.

Knee Orthosis (KO)

A knee orthosis (KO) or knee brace is a brace worn to strengthen the knee. It is worn around the knee, and works by controlling how the knee functions. There are many different kinds of KO's from post- operative to osteoarthritis. KO's can be custom fabricated or prefabricated based on the individual needs of the patient.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

A knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) is an orthosis that spans the knee, ankle and foot. Motion at all three of these lower limb areas is affected by a KAFO and can include stopping motion, limiting motion, or assisting motion. A KAFO is usually prescribed when other forms of bracing such as AFO or KO are insuffient to adequately control the instability.

Back Braces

There are a number of spinal orthotic designs common to assist individuals with pathologies of the neck and back. Many back braces use the principle of an abdominal compression to relieve stress on the vertebra. For more serious injuries a harder plastic shell maybe used to control all motion in order to decrease pain or injury.

Wrist Orthosis

The upper limbs comprise a complex system of muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, which are capable of a number of distinct movements. For this reason, a wide variety of upper limb orthoses have come into existence. Some orthoses simply decrease pain with limited movement, with others providing functional movement.