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Orthotics is any form of bracing or stabilizing body parts or mechanics to perform a desired outcome. Most common forms of orthotics are foot orthotics, Ankle braces, AFO's, knee orthoses, KAFO's, back braces, and wrist braces.

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Prosthetics are artificial limbs that can either assist or replace loss of a limb or congenital abnormality. Services provided are toe fillers, partial feet, symes prosthesis, below knee prosthesis, above knee prosthesis, upper extremity prosthetics.

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Pediatric orthotics and prosthetics require significant attention to detail in evaluation, castings and follow up care. Since pediatrics are usually always growing and changing they require more of a team approach working between therapists, doctors, and parents.

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Welcome to Premier O&P Inc. the Orthotic and Prosthetic clinic that cares. We would like to welcome you into our family. Like family we pride ourselves on being there through the difficult times to the celebration of your achievements. We are always here for you.

Premier O&P Inc. is a new orthotic and prosthetic clinic in Lincoln. Premier strives for the best patient care possible through the use of experience and teamwork with therapists. We value collaborative team members' thoughts and recommendations in helping us to provide the best patient care and outcomes.

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